How to Approach A Girl

If you’ve got your eye on someone special, or are looking to start dating, you might be looking for ways to make your journey as successful as possible. Here we are going to be talking about how to approach a girl.

Everything begins with the initial glance. It all starts with the eyes and what those eyes say to one another. Now the last thing you should ever be doing is checking her out, gazing at her up and down as straight away she will just think you are a creepy kind of guy so that is a big no-no!

When approaching a girl, try and remember that she is just like anyone else. Your nerves may make you think she is way up high on a pedestal, kind of “out of reach”, but just doing a few simple things will quickly get you on the right path.

Approaching a girl is as simple as 1-2-3!

So starting out with that first glance. You need to let her know that you are interested in getting to know her a little bit more. What doe she do? Does she look back? Here you are looking for pointers to see if she is interested too. If she is, she may gaze back in your direction or even smile at you.

This is your pointer, aka clue. This is your Green light to go and talk to her. At this stage you might be nervous.

Approaching girls – what do to once you’ve broke the ice.

So, you’ve gotten to this stage, and you’ve managed to go over and aid your first piece to her. With any luck she will thank you for the compliment. Now what? What do you do next?

The last thing you want is to ruin things at this stage. One thing to bear in mind at this stage is that there is no one best way to approach a woman. You will need to be a little bit prepared to try something else if your first discussion goes stale.

When you are genuinely interested in getting to know someone, you tend to lose all your self inhibitions and conversation tends to flow naturally, all by itself. That’s when you know things will be fine and your nerves ebb away.

As conversation starts, and she tells you something, one of the best things you can do is follow that up with a question. Questions lead to further conversation, and they also let her know that you are interested in what she has to say.

Just be aware that while this is happening, keep looking at her and at the same time you will get little clues as to how she is feeling, or if she is interested. She may well give you her full undivided attention while you speak. She may lean in closer as she is talking and she may even touch your arm.

The golden rule when talking is to keep things nice and light. You are not discussing the theory of relativity here (or maybe you are) so a nice and light conversation is plenty when you are chatting.

How to approach a girl and not mess things up right at the end.

With any luck things will have progressed for some time and things will have gone well. By now you should have gone through the first few stages. At some point you or she will need to end the conversation. Everyone has commitments to deal with so you want to know how to close the conversation properly. The worst possible thing is telling her you are popping outside briefly and never coming back.

At this stage of things, again keep it light and fun, and with a smile and a look in her eye, let her know that you enjoyed the conversation. “It was lovely to chat with you”. Then you need to try and arrange to meet again.

Ask her if she would like to meet again in a few days. Let her know why you need to finish the conversation. If she wants to meet again then you’ve successfully done everything positively. If you wanted to know how to get a girlfriend then this is how things start out – with a beautiful friendship!

So good luck with your next few ventures. Let us know how you get on and how it progressed as we’d be super excited to find out!

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