How to Know if a girl likes you

How To Know If A Girl Likes You – 7 Signs

Taking the plunge to pluck up courage and “speak” to a girl (omg!) can be incredibly daunting but at some point you have to be bold and go for it.  So decide you are simply just going to chat for a minute or two and then leave.  If things go well then so be it and carry things on, but this “short chat” is brief enough for you to give it a chance of talking to her.

Just pop over and say hi.  Try and strike up conversation about something you may have in common (maybe a dorky teacher if at school), or a funny act on last night’s x Factor for example.

One “immediate sign you can look out for is a smile..  yep a solid smile.  If she isn’t interested then she is likely going to keep looking elsewhere, not really engaging with you, and sitting with legs crossed, pointing away from you.

If things seem like she is happy for you to be there then you need to look for signs.  When a girl likes you she will give off little tell-tale signals.  Your job as an educated man is to understand women and these signals just a little bit more than you have been doing.  Even just a  small increase in your understanding can make massive differences in your love life successes.

Have you ever given thought to what these signs might be?  For a start she is not going to stand there stroking her body parts, licking her lips and pouting seductively while re-enacting famous Marilyn Monroe poses (as many men might fantasize about).  For a woman, it is more on an intellectual level.  The good news is that there are several classic signals women give of that are easy to discern if you take the time to look for them.

Sign 1:  She tells her friends about you.

If you REALLY want to learn how to know if a girl likes you (see here) then one of the most common signs that a girl likes you is if she discusses “you” with her friends.  From her point of view, she is gaining affirmation from her friends that you are a nice guy, and one that they (and her family) would approve of.

If the girl you like tells you that she has been discussing you with her friends, or you even hear from her friends that she has been talking about you, then you are pretty much on to a strong chance of developing the friendship into something more serious.  This is one of the best classic signals that you should remember.

Sign 2: She finds you funny, and also your rubbish jokes!

The girl you are seeing will make the effort to try and let you know that she likes “everything about you”.  So when you are whipping out your dads old joke book and trying to impress her, you are definitely on to a winner if you think they are cheesy, yet she is laughing at them.  She doesn’t have to like the jokes, but what she is doing is subtly letting you know that she likes everything about you!

Sign 3: Touchy feely is good! 

Want to know how to tell if a girl likes your body language?  There are some simple signs a girl likes your body language.  For a start, if you are facing her and talking, look at how she is standing.  If she is standing pretty much full on to you, feet facing you then this is a superb sign that she is interested in, and keen to enjoy the rest of your time together.

If, on the other hand she is half facing you and her feet are pointing away from you then she is being quite reserved, so in this instance you should just concentrate on being yourself and trying to maker her laugh if it is the right situation to do so.

In addition to this, a girl who is digging you will be a fair bit “full on” with the touchy feely stuff.  Let’s look at this.  For a start she will be keen to stand quite close to you  (being in your personal space and being comfortable around you).  She will often squeeze your arm gently when you are talking to, greeting her or making her laugh.

This is girl-flirting at it’s very best!  She will actively be seeking out reasons to touch you.  It may be a misplaced hand on your thigh, or your shoulder etc. so all you need to do is watch out for these and know that things are generally going well if this is happening.  Continue to do what you are doing, and if you can make her laugh along the way it will go a very long way.

Sign 4:  She wants to be around you.. a lot!

Think about it.  If you are on her mind then she will be thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you and being with you again.  She may be calling or texting you for various random reasons, or if you happen to meet in a crowded room, have your eyes sharply focused for when she enters, as if she gives YOU that first “all important” glance it means that you’ve definitely been on her mind!

For a woman, these signs are glaringly obvious yet the truth is that most men are blissfully unaware that she is pushing these signs out to you for you to “sit up and take notice”.  If you can identify these signs then you will be well in front of most men in the love stakes.

Sign 5:  Invisible communication, baby!

There are lot’s more signs that a girl likes you.  Many of them are invisible and require no voice.  In fact most women use invisible signals.  How many women do you know would say to you on a first date “you are gorgeous and I want to start seeing you more often”.  What is really going to happen is she is going to smile, face you, laugh at your poor jokes, point her feet towards you and a number of other invisible signals.

One thing she will do is indicate what she’d like to be doing to your lips, by “preparing” her lips.  It’s more of a subconscious thing.  If she wants to be kissing your lips then she will be touching or biting and licking her lips to make sure they are moist.  She is silently indicating what she would like to do to your lips.  You may not notice these signs until right before the moment is right to actually go in for a kiss!

Think about it, if you see her touching and licking her lips, what will you be thinking?  You would be wanting to dive right in, and on a subconscious level that is what she is telling you!

Sign 6: Get them curls all tidied up girl!

A girl who is into you will be touching and correcting her hair from time to time.  On a subconscious level when a girl likes you she will be trying to make sure every last curl is in place.  This stems back to the moments before they meet you on a date.  They will often be checking and correcting their appearance, perhaps in a compact mirror to make sure they’ve made the very best of themselves.

During a date you may notice her playing with her hair, twirling her hair with her fingers or making sure it’s in the right place all the time.

Sign 7:  The eyes say it all!

You need to be at the top of your game but it’s well worth you spending time looking at a girls eyes.  So the next time you are seeing a girl, pay real close attention to what is happening.  You can learn how to know if a girl likes you by simply looking at her eyes.

Her pupils will be dilated (i.e. larger and wider) and she will be looking into your eyes “often”.  Now the reason you need to be at the top of your game is because many times she will quickly “look away” when you stare at her, and then she will quickly look back at you.  This may be down to shyness or how she wishes to come across.

So the next time you see her with wide pupils, and she is smiling and gazing at you, offer her a compliment on her clothes or her eyes or something else (not sexual though!).  Remember you need to try and be that man who is genuinely interested in getting to know her and what she is all about.  If you can master this then you will already be ahead of 90% of the male population who often think with their…!