How To Seduce A Woman

How To Seduce A Woman – Seduction Tips That Work

Most men on the planet would love to believe that they are the best at being a lover, best at seducing a woman and best at being that perfect man.  Trouble is that over 95% of men have no real idea how to seduce women.  If you REALLY want to know how to seduce a woman (see HERE) then please read on because it’s actually way simpler than what you were thinking.

In a nutshell, a woman needs to be seduced with her mind as that is how she thinks.  If you want to get straight to her heart and touch upon her inner urges then you need to work on seducing her mind.  Below are easy to follow seduction techniques that quite simply work.

How to seduce a girl – in simple steps

Here’s the golden rule.  Girls hold the key and the power is within them to decided when they will become your next partner or lover.  You can not ever make this happen, but you can go a long way to convince her that you are the right one for her, and this is the difference.  Once you understand her mind then you will suddenly step in front of 95% of men when it comes to winning in the love stakes.  This is the most important of all seduction tips you can ever choose to remember.

Starter tip:

What are you thinking about her?  Don’t let her know!

A girl will be desperately trying to understand what it is that you are thinking.  Do you like her?  Do you like her looks or the way she laughs or talks?  Do you like her more than just friends?

She will be really keen to know and for as long as you withhold this, she will become more and more anxious to know.

It all reverts back to the old “you want more of what you can’t have”.  Remember when you were a kid and wanted an ice cream from the ice cream van on a hot Summer’s day?  Your mum said no, but outside all the other kids were happily scoffing away at their tempting treats.

So as a many if we want to make a woman desire us insanely then we have to employ some of these techniques.  Women have been using these simple methods on us for centuries.

While men are almost entirely attracted to a physical form and will usually drool and fantasize about a girls physical assets women are the complete opposite so if you attempt to woo a girl using comments about her body then you are almost certainly destined to fail.

“give her attention” so she can see what its like then withdraw that attention.. so she wants it….

How to seduce women

Seduction is all about paying attention to a girl and her needs and moving forward accordingly when the moment is right.  If you really want to do this right and want to seduce a woman, spend time getting to know her (even though your caveman instincts want to drag her back to your cave for some “fun”), set an appropriate atmosphere, and move slowly with her while getting physical.  She will be driven wild with anticipation.

Women are typically more attracted to a strong personality, power and often status too. Because of this, you ideally need to have at least one of these traits before you even start trying to seduce your dream girl.  If you haven’t then fear not.  Just keep working and trying over and over using these techniques.

While most men believe that the girls prefer the “good looking guy”, the truth is that, while yes looks do play a part, and there has to be some attraction there, a girl is more interested in a man’s charm.  So if you look like the hunchback of Notre Damme, but can  make a girl laugh you’re well on to your way to success.  I’m sure many of us have seen this in real life.  An awkward looking guy being able to sit and chat with a bunch of girls and have them all laughing.

If you simply cannot grasp the ideas behind these seduction tips, then here are several pointers that will move you closer.  Let’s take a closer look!

Create an Emotional Connection.

Most women want to connect with a man on an emotional level, so you have to make sure that the scene is set just right and she feels connected to you.  There is no way that she is going to fall into your arms (and bed) if you are simply trying to impress her with your big biceps and obvious “package”.  If there isn’t that mental connection then forget it!

She needs to know that you’re her type.  In her mind she wants to be romanced by a smart(or rough) guy who can take care of her and make her feel special.  Someone who works hard and holds strong values about things.

Any woman who says she can have sex without getting emotionally attached is lying. It is a fact that sex is a very emotional act for women and as such, you have to make her connect with you on an emotional level if you want to seduce her in the end. If you don’t, then you will never be able to seduce her. It’s as simple as that.

Look Your Best Inside and Out.

Learning how to seduce a woman takes a few simple steps. Someone who looks their best on both the inside as well as the outside will go a long way.

In other words, always make yourself as smart as you can, but more importantly they want to see a smart guy on the inside too.  Someone who is polite and courteous.  Someone who doesn’t get involved in aggression or fighting and someone who is both charming and charismatic. Those are some of the traits that women find simply irresistible nowadays.

Don’t be a perv!

The last thing a girl wants to see is your eyes wandering up and down her body with your extraordinarily large smile, as you try and adopt the super-cool del-boy trotter leaning on the bar type of pose.

Value her dignity

The last thing a girl wants is a man who is going to go straight back to his mates and share his “sexperience” with you and them.  No girl wants this and is one of the quickest ways to getting you out of the door, so be sure to let her know that what you and she share together is just for your eyes only and nobody else.

Make her feel safe and happy to be around you.

Most women are switched on right from the start that “most men” want one thing – to get them into bed.  Therefore you really must spend the time getting to know her first without any sorts of hints.  Along the way you do need to throw in a few “longing” glances, a bit if flirting here and there to let her know you are most definitely interested – if you are too friendly then she may simply decide to keep you in her “friend” zone.

So let’s start out with an imaginary date.  Or an imaginary scene where you see a girl and give you an example of how to seduce a woman.

Taking it slowly in the beginning is KEY.

It’s all about timing and getting things right.  If you jump in and look her up and down and you’re on a one way road out of there.  Part of what makes a person want another person is the anticipation. When you see a woman you’re interested in, you need to temper your caveman urges.

Start out with some longing glances and a smile.  Wait a bit to approach her and when you do it is important that you start off by listening more than you talk. The last thing you want to be doing is revealing your intention right away.  The aim here is to be different to most “cave-men” and make her wonder what you are all about.  It’s a great thing when you master this and mix it in with smiles and glances because her mind will be doing overtime trying to figure you out.

Next dress to impress, especially if you are at a party.  If you don’t have anything flattering get yourself to a local store and ask them to help you choose something flattering.  The main point here to take away is to be yourself and not try to be somebody you are not.


Yep one of the best things you can do is listen to a woman.  Girls love anyone who is genuinely interested in them.  Try and ask more questions than you answer. Remember that air of “what is he all about” will be hanging around you and she will be trying to figure out what kind of guy you are.  The first sign of cheesiness and she will have you pigeon holed along with all the other men right away -”yep he is just like the rest”.

Remember she needs to know you are listening too!  Watch her, nod and go along with the conversation.  Ask follow up questions and she will love the conversation.  Just goes to show women and men are different.  They prefer the conversation, the build up, the suspense and the “art” where men just prefer the physical.  That is how it is for most and we just need to know how to do things in the right way in order to be more successful.

Be confident

If you lack in confidence you need to draw on things you are good at.  Think of these things while you are talking to her.  Remember at this stage she doesn’t not know you so you have every right to be there.  If you feel nervous when talking and are wondering what to say, remember what you are good at.  So for example you may think to yourself “I’m really good at DIY”, or “I’m a brilliant writer”.  These feelings should reinforce your own confidence.

Don’t be over-confident or brag but be sure to be confident in how you talk.  There is a fine line between the two!

Make her laugh!  If you have a brilliant sense of humour then this alone can go an extremely long way so if you aren’t naturally funny try and memorise some great jokes you see on Youtube or hear among friends.  The kinds of jokes that everyone laughs at.  The kinds of jokes that are not too dirty too!  One liners can often be great ice breakers.

Subtle skin-on skin and body language

Stand confidently when talking to her.  Head high, shoulders  back and smiling.  Forget about folded arms or drinks held across your chest.  Push it out and look confident.

Find ways to “accidentally” touch her, in small but subtle ways.  Lead her around the bar by grabbing her hand or guide her to a chair by placing your hand on the small of her back.  You are attempting to get her to be more comfortable with your touch (slowly and gently).

Pick up lines might help.  Don’t use any with sexual innuendos.  Instead go for some mild humour, or something that lets them know a bit more about you.  Remember though that a pick up line alone is no good.  You need to follow it up with conversation.  So an example would be to think of something that let’s them know about you or your work and this can then lead them into a conversation.

For example if you are a doctor you might say “I think it might be you that’s making my temperature increase”.

So let’s say that by now conversation so far has gone well and you’d like to invite her over to your place.  You will need to incorporate some more seduction techniques.

Create the right atmosphere

Use smell to your advantage. Open windows for a few hours before she comes.  Try and ensure some nice neutral smells are around.  Plug in air fresheners, or Vanilla lightly placed around.

A bit of music can go a long way.  Forget “slow and sexual” Barry White but something along the lines of what she likes, but ideally a touch slower in tempo.

Candles and mood lighting will help set the right mood, especially if she is a little nervous.

Be sure to give the house a really good clean round before she comes.

If things progress well and she is giving you all the right signals – feet facing you, dilated pupils and showing interest it’s time to up your seduction techniques.. a bit.

Try and sit closer to her.  Place your hand on her knee or shoulder.  Take it steady.

If things are still going well then lean in for a kiss.  Slow and steady.  She needs to feel safe when with you.

The first kiss needs to be a very gentle and tender kiss.  More like a peck rather than a full on “tongue down throat” affair.

As things progress pay close attention to her erogenous zones.  These parts of the body send her wild with desire.  The neck and ears respond well to a gently kiss and your warm breath.  The head and feet are also wonderful erogenous zones for many women.   Don’t be afraid to offer a head or foot massage.

Pay close attention to her lips.  Nibble, suck and kiss them gently.  Pay closer attention to her lower back, inner thighs and stomach.  Many women get intense sensual pleasure when being touched here.

Keep up the slow and steady pace (slow is definitely better!)

She will let you know when she likes something so take it steady and you will work her into a frenzy.  It is important you keep up the momentum when seducing the girl.  Keep performing slow and sensual moves and you will enjoy an amazing experience together that few people truly share.  Not only that but you will be forever in her mind.

Good luck and try and learn as many of these as you can.  It will make a huge difference.